Why Greece Matters for Everyone

Like it or not, Greece is a domino that will have ripple effects throughout the rest of the world Time.com By Rana Foroohar 7/6/15 Greece is a tiny country. It’s 0.3 % of the GDP of the world. Most private creditors took their money out of the debt-ridden nation years ago. So why is the possible exit of Greece from the Eurozone rocking markets? Because it represents what could be the end of the biggest, most benevolent experiment in globalization, ever. On Sunday, Greek voters said “no” to Europe’s latest … Continue reading

The Greek Catastrophe Is Finally Here (Unless It Isn’t)

Greece is entering a world of pain; the rest of us, a tense waiting game. But the odds favor containment of the crisis. Politico.com By Zachary Karabell 6/29/15 It was a grim weekend in Greece, and it’s likely to be an even grimmer week ahead, both for the Greeks and the European (and possibly world) economy. What would  normally be the beginning of the profitable tourist season—a summer idyll in the lovely Greek islands and crowds piling into the Parthenon—has turned into the next chapter of the slow-motion economic train … Continue reading

How did your Senators and Representative vote?

The $1.1 trillion spending bill has passed both the House and Senate. How did your Representative and Senators vote? The results for the country are here. Notice that the database is sortable by “state,” thus, you can easily see how your state delegation voted.

An informed citizen…

…is the best when contacting your representatives and voting. A new page, “RESOURCES/LINKS” has been added above under “NATIONAL.” There you will find helpful information regarding your Senator & Representative as well as info about the Congressional Research Service (CRS) and the myriad of topics considered by our government that CRS has issued reports on. (CHANGE – Notice that “Comments” are no longer possible on the “Home” page. However, they can still be made on all other pages. This will help to aggregate comments on a given topic.) … Continue reading

Legislators’ redistricting – There’s a better way

“…There is plenty of evidence that maps drawn by partisan legislators have helped create the “suicide caucus” that is so intent on scoring political points instead of legislating…The way to stop gerrymandering is to shift from partisan state legislators to an independent citizens commission the job of drawing congressional and state legislative maps. Both political parties are guilty of gerrymandering districts to ensure their candidates’ re-election. Creating an independent, citizen-led commission would be a realistic solution to this issue…” (more) … Continue reading