1789, “common defense and general welfare”; 2015, # of grants and subsidies has run amok

By Russ Phillips The most accountable government is that which is closest to the people. Thus, the least accountable is that which is furthest away. That’s why it is best, when possible, to have government functions located in the cities, towns, townships and counties. However, at times it is necessary to have functions determined at the state level and the federal level. The federal government over the years has taken on way too many responsibilities and this is very apparent when examining the various tax incentives provided to corporations and … Continue reading

Downsizing the Federal Government

Cato Institute

The federal government is running huge budget deficits, spending too much, and heading toward a financial crisis. Without a change of direction in Washington, average working families will be faced with large tax increases and a lower standard of living.

This website is designed to help policymakers and the public understand where federal spending goes and how to reform each government department. It describes the failings of agencies and identifies specific programs to cut. And it discusses the systematic reasons why government programs are often obsolete, mismanaged, or otherwise dysfunctional…
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