Donald Trump bump terrifies GOP

Insiders worry the mogul will damage the eventual nominee and hurt a party struggling to connect with women and minorities. By Jonathan Topaz and Daniel Strauss 6/26/15 All jokes aside, the Republican Party is officially afraid of Donald Trump. He has virtually zero chance of winning the presidential nomination. But insiders worry that the loud-mouthed mogul is more than just a minor comedic nuisance on cable news; they fret that he’s a loose cannon whose rants about Mexicans and scorched-earth attacks on his rivals will damage the eventual nominee … Continue reading

For Republicans, 2 Crucial Court Cases

The New York Times By Albert R. Hunt | Bloomberg View 6/7/15  WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court could make June the cruelest month for Republicans. The court will hand down two decisions fraught with political implications. One will decide whether same-sex marriage is protected by the Constitution, and the other whether to throw out a central piece of the Affordable Care Act, the federal subsidies for about eight million Americans. Conservative opponents of gay marriage and Obamacare want the high court to sidetrack both. Republican Party leaders, and some of … Continue reading

Anecdotes for 2016 candidates Baron Hill and Jesse Bohannon; Pataki and Santorum announce candidacies

“This is my town hall meeting and I set the rules…”

Anecdotes under “2016 ELECTIONS” (see navigational bar above) were recently published for candidates Baron Hill and Jesse Bohannon. Additional anecdotes for candidates will appear between now and the 2016 elections.

George Pataki and Rick Santorum have also been added to the list of presidential candidates.