Brian Howey: Donald Trump, the microburst

Columnist Brian Howey looks at the political future of Donald Trump and what’s to come. The Elkhart Truth By Brian Howey 8/20/15 INDIANAPOLIS — A friend sent me a spectacular time lapse video clip of a wet microburst collapsing over Tucson recently. It brought back vivid memories of a similar storm that once hit my Elkhart neighborhood. The skies glowered and blackened. There was a high-pitched squeal, followed by a thunderous roar. When we emerged from our basement, about a dozen very mature trees on our block had been uprooted. … Continue reading

Brian Howey: Glenda Ritz seeks education showdown with Gov. Pence

Brian Howey evaluates the race for governor now that Glenda Ritz has announced. The Elkhart Truth By Brian Howey 6/4/15 INDIANAPOLIS — It was noon on Friday, Nov. 6, 2003, as citizen Mitch Daniels stood among diners at Don & Dona’s restaurant in downtown Franklin. Over his shoulder on TV was Gov. Joe Kernan, reversing his stunning announcement from the year prior not to run in 2004. Daniels welcomed Kernan back to the race. “No one can predict the ultimate political effect, but from a citizen’s standpoint, this is absolutely … Continue reading