Marco Rubio’s History on Immigration Leaves Conservatives Distrustful of Shift

The New York Times By Jeremy W. Peters and Ashley Parker 11/14/15 WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Joyce Kaufman sat in her radio studio here the other day and said the first word that comes to mind when she thinks of Marco Rubio. “A chameleon,” she scoffed. Ms. Kaufman, a conservative talk show host in South Florida, embraced the 39-year-old politician in 2010, a time when many Tea Party activists viewed him as the future leader of their movement. But after arriving in Washington, Mr. Rubio committed what many of his … Continue reading

Top aides leaving Rep. Marlin Stutzman’s Senate campaign

(Additional content has been posted regarding Ben Carson’s comments about a Muslim as President. – Admin.) Campaign manager Brendon DelToro is leaving in a disagreement over the direction of the campaign. By Maureen Groppe, Star Washington Bureau 10/12/15 WASHINGTON — The top aide running Rep. Marlin Stutzman’s Senate campaign is leaving in a disagreement over the direction of the campaign, and two other top aides also are departing. “It comes down to Marlin and I just had different visions for how the direction of the campaign was going,” said … Continue reading

Who Is Senate Candidate John Dickerson?

John Dickerson hasn’t been in politics, but he is a fresher face than the other Democratic candidate, former Rep. Baron Hill.
By Gretchen Frazee

Dickerson Campaign Kickoff

John Dickerson kicks off his campaign for U.S. Senate. (Photo: John Dickerson campaign)

Democrats have another choice for U.S. Senate after John Dickerson announced his candidacy this weekend.

Dickerson isn’t a politician. He’s never even run for office. Instead, he’s run a nonprofit group, The Arc of Indiana, for more than 30 years.

Political analyst Ed Feigenbaum says that makes him different from the other Democratic candidate, former Rep. Baron Hill.

“If we’re talking about an election that’s going to be defined as generational change and change in the direction of the country, John Dickerson, from a policy perspective, would be a good choice for the Democrats to have on the ballot,” Feigenbaum says.

However, Feigenbaum also points out Dickerson, like many of the 2016 Democratic candidates, is in his 60s, so he might not appeal to younger voters.

“There’s not a lot of young fresh faces on the Democratic side, and that could be a disadvantage for them,” Feigenbaum says.

Dickerson does have some good support, though. He’s been backed by former Lt. Gov. Kathy Davis, who Feigenbaum says wouldn’t support someone she didn’t think had the political know-how to make it in the Senate.

But even if Dickerson gained the Democratic nomination, could he beat one of the three Republican candidates who are well-versed in the political arena?

The answer could be determined by which GOP candidate wins.

Both Rep. Todd Young, R-Ind. District 9, and former state GOP chair Eric Holcomb are considered establishment candidates, so if the votes for them are split, Rep. Marlin Stutzman, R-Ind. District 3, could come out as the nominee.

Stutzman is considered the far-right candidate, and Feigenbaum says his nomination could keep some GOP voters on the sidelines or cause some moderates to vote Democratic.

“There’s an opportunity, perhaps, at least under one scenario for Dickerson or Baron Hill to do well simply because they are not the Republican nominee,” Feigenbaum says.

Dickerson will face Hill in the Democratic primary.

Pulliam: John Dickerson dives into politics By Russ Pulliam 8/28/15 John Dickerson is a non-traditional U.S. Senate candidate. Dickerson, a career advocate for the disabled, calls himself a George McGovern Democrat and talks about the joy of running for office. In another challenge to conventional wisdom, he thinks a contest for the Democratic nomination is good for the party. Having recently taken early retirement, Dickerson is known as the long-time executive director of the Arc of Indiana, which lobbies for people with disabilities. Yet he’s never run for office and has low statewide name recognition. … Continue reading

White House pushes for Iran filibuster

The administration seeks to tamp down expectations, but the numbers of supportive Senate Democrats are adding up. By Edward-Isaac Dovere and Burgess Everett 8/27/15 President Barack Obama’s almost certain to get the Iran nuclear deal — but whether he gets there by filibuster or sustained veto could make all the difference. A Democratic filibuster in the Senate would be a clear victory for the president, allowing Obama to say that for all the political noise there wasn’t enough actual opposition to the nuclear agreement with the Islamic republic to … Continue reading

Dickerson kicks off campaign for (Indiana) U.S. Senate seat

Former Arc of Indiana director wants to focus on education, equality and infrastructure he said in campaign announcement. (A link to John Dickerson’s website will be found here. – Admin.) By Olivia Lewis 8/15/15 John Dickerson wants to be your next senator. The former executive director of The Arc of Indiana announced his U.S. Senate run Saturday morning at Shapiro’s Delicatessen in Indianapolis with a crowd of about 60 family and friends in support. Dickerson, who has a past in fighting for changes for the betterment of people with … Continue reading

US Senate Dynamics: An alternate view to mainstream media and cable news

By Russ Phillips

Last month Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate, was the inaugural speaker of the series “Getting to the Point” at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate that had newly opened the previous month in Boston, MA. The series convenes individuals with diverse perspectives to discuss the current issues and challenges facing our community and government. McConnell has served 30 years in the Senate.

McConnell shared insights regarding historical functioning of the Senate and personal anecdotes.

Following McConnell’s remarks he then engaged in a Q & A with reporter Jackie Calmes with The New York Times.

I encourage you to check this out.