Jeb Bush: My Plan to Preserve, Protect and Reform Medicare and Social Security

Yesterday Bush published on his campaign website “Jeb Bush: My Plan to Preserve, Protect and Reform Medicare and Social Security“. Here are several excerpts:

  • …changes are needed to preserve and protect these programs for future generations.
  • I will allow seniors to keep their HSAs to help cover out-of-pocket health care spending…
  • …small businesses who cannot afford to contribute toward workers’ retirement plans can set up “starter 401(K)s” for their workers…
  • …we need to recognize that Americans are living longer, healthier lives, and we should make it easier for those who choose to work longer.
  • No senior who has worked for more than 30 years should live in poverty, so I will increase the minimum social security benefit.

The entire “Plan” is available at the above link.

Also, “Jeb Bush’s entitlement reforms,” by The Washington Post is available here.

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