Commentary: Power, money and education reform

By John Krull 1/26/15 INDIANAPOLIS – Long ago, Lord Acton famously said, “Power tends to corrupt.” The same can be true of money. One of the many tragedies accompanying the destructive debate over education “reform” in Indiana is the way those two corrupting forces – power and money – have come together. The mini-drama surrounding state Rep. Bob Behning, R-Indianapolis, is but the latest example. Behning, who is chair of the House Education Committee, had plans to do lobbying in other states for an educational testing company that also does … Continue reading

Gov. Mike Pence proposes expanding vouchers and charter schools

Tony Cook and Stephanie Wang, 12/4/14 Indiana’s school voucher program is already the broadest in the nation — and now Gov. Mike Pence wants to provide even more money for vouchers. In announcing his legislative agenda Thursday, Pence said he will ask state lawmakers to lift the cap on the dollar amount for vouchers and raise the cap on the choice scholarship tax credit program. He also proposed adding more funding for public charter schools. “Together, these actions will make charters more available and more affordable, and make new … Continue reading