Local roads would miss out in Gov. Mike Pence’s $1 billion spending plan

(A Presidential Debate schedule and transcripts are here. – Admin.) IndyStar.com By Tony Cook 10/15/15 Gov. Mike Pence’s proposed $1 billion spending plan on highways over the next four years would represent an increase over current spending — but it leaves out a large portion of Indiana’s roads and bridges. That’s because the plan would only fund state-maintained highways and bridges. While those are generally the most traveled, they make up only about a third of the state’s transportation infrastructure. Counties and cities maintain most of the rest. But they would not receive … Continue reading

Jack Jordan launches campaign for District 17 of Indiana House

(District 17 includes all of Fulton County with the exception of Liberty and Union Townships and all of Marshall County. Candidate listing is here.– Admin.)

Jack Jordan launches campaign

The Rochester Sentinel
The Sentinel report

Republican Jack Jordan has launched his campaign for the District 17 Indiana House of Representative seat now held by Tim Harman, R-Bremen, who will not run for re-election.

Jordan describes his political philosophy as constitutional conservative, “built on a firm foundation of a solid Christian Worldview.”

When asked why he is running for the Indiana House seat representing Marshall and north Fulton counties, Jordan said, “Unfortunately, over time, even with its good intentions, an expanding government limits an individual’s freedom to pursue their dreams. I want to work with other conservatives to limit the government’s detrimental impact on our daily lives.”

Jordan is the seventh generation of his family to call Marshall County home. His wife, Hope, is a health care professional serving veterans’ needs. Jordan has two children. His daughter recently graduated from college and is beginning her teaching career. His son is studying engineering at Purdue University.

Jordan’s primary job is construction and rehabbing houses. In his non-construction work hours, he helps local businesses and serves several nonprofit organizations. He also served on the Bremen School Board for eight years and was president for most of that time.

As an adult, Jordan has been involved with missions. Most recently his travels have taken him to Romania and India where he has spent time working with orphans, pastors and church planting activities.

Jesse Bohannon announces candidacy (for District 17 of IN House of Representatives)

(District 17 includes all of Fulton County with the exception of Liberty and Union Townships and all of Marshall County. – Admin.) inkfreenews.com 5/20/15 Jesse Bohannon of Bremen has announced he is a candidate for the Republican nomination in district 17 in the Indiana House of Representatives. Bohannon is a lifelong conservative who boldly defends life, individual liberty and the free market. “Rep. Tim Harman has served our district well, and I am sad to see him retire from the House,” said Bohannon. “As a fellow conservative, I want to see his legacy of bold and responsive leadership continued.” Bohannon is looking forward … Continue reading

Wheel tax vote ahead

Council chooses highest rate; says it wont amount to much The Rochester Sentinel By Wesley Dehne, Staff Writer 5/21/15 Fulton County Council hopes to start collecting on Jan. 1 a wheel tax and excise surtax to help cover road repair and maintenance expenses. That would generate as much as $738,351 a year, which is very little compared to what the county needs, council members said. The council received little opposition from the public Tuesday as it discussed the taxes. It chose to implement the highest taxes it can. They will … Continue reading

(Fulton County) Wheel tax considered

The Rochester Sentinel By Wesley Dehne, Staff Writer 4/23/15 The Fulton County Council may implement a wheel tax, or county vehicle registration fee, to help cover the expense of road repair and maintenance. Finance experts say the tax could generate as much as $738,351 for the county and municipal roadwork. The council plans a public hearing about the proposed tax May 19. Todd Samuelson and Heidi Amspaugh of H.J. Umbaugh & Associates, hired to prepare a county excise surtax and wheel tax analysis, presented their report to the council Tuesday. … Continue reading

FEDCO helps with train depot, Times Cinema, Rochester downtown


FEDCO (Fulton Economic Development Corp.) serves as a growth and development partner for business and industry and as a community development partner for cities and towns of Fulton County.

Following are several recent newspaper articles of recent efforts of which FEDCO has been a part.
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