Others will be listed as they officially declare their candidacy. Also, selected comments will be added periodically.

D – Democrat, I – Independent, R – Republican

Glenda Ritz – D (State Superintendent of Public Instruction) – Candidacy announcement (video); 8/9/15, On 8/7/15 dropped out of governor race and will run for re-election to State Superintendent of Public Instruction (Source);

John Gregg – D (Former Speaker of Indiana House) – 7/25/15, Personal note received by Admin. in 1999 from Speaker Gregg (Source);

Karen Tallian – D (Indiana State Senator) – 8/18/15, Dropped out of governor race on 8/17/15 (Source);

Mike Pence – R (Governor) – Full text of announcement for re-election bid; Created the Center for Education and Career Innovation (CECI) on 8/23/13; Dissolved CECI on 12/4/14; News article re: CECI and its eliminationCreates “Just In,” a state-run news agency…and then ditches the idea; 3/29/15 Interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on RFRA (6:29 Will you push to add sexual orientation as a protected class under Indiana’s civil rights laws? Pence responds, “That’s not on my agenda.”);