Not all Indiana Senate districts and House districts will be listed on this page. Selected comments regarding candidates will be added periodically.

D – Democrat, I – Independent, R – Republican

House District 17 (Marshall County and Fulton County except for Liberty and Union Townships.)

Jack Jordan – R (Former member of Bremen School Board) – 7/8/15 candidacy announcement; 7/11/15 Facebook;

Jesse Bohannon – R (Former House candidate)  – 5/20/15 candidacy announcement; in 2014 Bohannon was unsuccessful in the GOP primary to represent House District 48; 4/2/14 Elkhart Truth interview; 5/2/14 Elkhart Truth video interview  plus editorial board’s summary of Bohannon: STRENGTHS: Dedicated teacher at local alternative school. WEAKNESSES: Made recycled talk radio views on the evil nature of liberals the centerpiece of his campaign. You’d represent them in Indianapolis, too.