Not all Indiana congressional districts will be listed on this page. Selected comments regarding candidates will be added periodically.

The 3rd and 9th Districts are listed below due to the incumbents vacating the seat, in order to run for the Senate, and the resulting interest in filling these two seats. Indiana Sen. Dan Coats is not running for another term.

Indiana Congressional District Map

D – Democrat, I – Independent, R – Republican

2nd District

Jackie Walorski – R (Currently US Representative for IN District 2) – 7/22/15, In 2010 she advocated privatizing Social Security (Source); From October 1 through 16, 2013 the government entered a shutdown (Source); On Oct. 16, 2013 Congress approved ending the shutdown, however, Walorski voted against doing so while Coats and Donnelly approved doing so (Source);

Lynn Coleman – D (Retired police officer and former assistant to South Bend Mayor) – 12/16/15, Announcement;

3rd District

Jim Banks – R (Currently IN State Senator for District 17)

Kip Tom – R (Managing member of Tom Farms) – 9/23/15, Bio;

Liz Brown – R (Currently IN State Senator for District 15)

Pam Galloway – R (Former WI State Senator)

Scott Wise – R (Continuous Improvement Manager at Warner Electric) – 9/23/15, Bio;

Todd Nightenhelser – D (Small business owner) – 9/23/15, Announcement;

Tommy Schrader – D (Unknown) – 9/23/15, Source; Previous candidacies;

4th District

Todd Rokita – R (Currently US Representative for IN District 4) – 10/21/14, “Since 2011, I’ve …hosted…nearly 80 town halls and similar events.“;

9th District

Brent Waltz – R (Currently IN State Senator for District 36)

Erin Houchin – R (Currently IN State Senator for District 47)

Greg Zoeller – R (Currently Indiana Attorney General)

Robert Hall – R (A Purdue-trained engineer with a University of Chicago MBA. Hall has served as a manufacturing executive and consultant for more than thirty years.) – 9/6/15, Supports the Fair Tax and eliminating the filing of individual federal tax returns;

Shelli Yoder – D (Monroe County Council member. Democratic nominee for the seat in 2012 but lost to incumbent Rep. Todd Young in the general election.)