Others will be listed as they officially declare their candidacy. Also, selected comments will be added periodically.

Also, The New York Times has a webpage, “Who Is Running for President (and Who’s Not)?” that has more extensive information about the candidates including opinion articles.


D – Democrat, I – Independent, R – Republican

Ben Carson – R (Former Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital); 8/19/15, “He has always believed that the battle over abortion had to be waged in the hearts and minds of Americans, that you cannot legislate morality.” (Source); 10/13/15, On 9/20/15 on “Meet The Press” Carson said that Islam is not consistent with the U.S. Constitution and “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.” (Source); 11/1/15, During the 10/28/15 Debate Carson said, “Well, first of all, I was wrong about taking the oil subsidy. I have studied that issue in great detail. And what I have concluded is that the best policy is to get rid of all government subsidies, and get the government out of our lives, and let people rise and fall based on how good they are. And — you know, all of this too big to fail stuff and picking and choosing winners and losers — this is a bunch of crap, and it is really causing a great deal of — great deal of problems for our society right now. And — and — you know, it goes back to the whole concept of regulations, which are in everything. The reason that I — I hate them so much is because every single regulation costs in terms of goods and services. That cost gets passed on to the people. Now, who are the people who are hurt by that? It’s poor people and middle class. Doesn’t hurt rich people if their bar of soap goes up ten cents, but it hurts the poor and the middle class.” (Source);

Bernie Sanders – I (US Senator, VT) – 7/6/15, Does not currently support removing tax-exempt status for groups that do not recognize same-sex marriages for religious reasons. “I respect people who have different points of view,” Sanders said of the faith community. (Source); 7/6/15, “I want a Cabinet that is focused on rebuilding the crumbling middle class, demanding that the wealthiest people and large corporations become part of America, and do not live as an island unto themselves.” (Source); 7/23/15, “I think that if you work 40 hours a week you have a right not to be living in poverty.” (Source);

Bobby Jindal -R (Governor, LA) – 9/10/15, Supports Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples (Source); 11/18/15, Suspended his campaign on 11/17/15 (Source);

Carly Fiorina – R (Former Hewlett Packard CEO) – 6/30/15, Indiana Lt. Gov. Sue Ellspermann endorses and agrees to serve as co-chair of Fiorina’s campaign in IN. (Source);

Chris Christie – R (Governor, NJ) 

Donald Trump – R (Business magnate, investor, television personality, author, and politician; Chairman and president of The Trump Organization) – 6/16/15, Transcript of his announcement for presidency; 6/17/15, “Trump Tramples Facts“; Does not support “Common Core”…”Education has to be local.” (Source); 8/18/15, Trump’s position on immigration reform (Source);

George Pataki – R (Former Governor, NY) – 1/2/16, Pataki announced on 12/29/15 that he was ending his campaign. (Source)

Hillary Clinton – D (Former US Secretary of State)  – 6/12/15, used a private email address to conduct government business while at the State Department as Secretary of State, foreign donations were made to her family’s philanthropy; 6/17/15, Calls for automatic voter registration, a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, paid sick leave and reducing regulations on small banks and businesses. (Source); 12/16/15, Hillary Clinton: How I’d Rein In Wall Street;

Jeb Bush – R (Former Governor, FL) – 6/4/15, Has refused to sign Grover Norquist’s “pledge” to formally oppose all tax increases. (Source); 6/15/15, “I’m not going to change my views because today someone has a view that’s different…I think candidates have a duty to persuade; that’s what this is about — it’s about the power of ideas and then giving people a sense that you have leadership skills to actually make it so.” Speaks fluent Spanish. (Source); 7/12/15, Supports privatizing Social Security and raising the retirement age. (Source); 7/12/15, Supports a system that would allow immigrants in the country illegally to stay, Common Core education standards. (Source); 10/28/15 Jeb Bush: My Plan to Preserve, Protect and Reform Medicare and Social Security;

Jim Gilmore – R (Former Governor, VA) 7/30/15, Announcement (10:47 video) of candidacy; Economic plan – “Growth Code” – will result in every American paying taxes. Americans living in poverty will pay less. Any household living in poverty will receive a family tax credit of $4,300. Taxes on dividends, distributions and capital gains will be eliminated. (Source);

Jim Webb – D (Former Senator, VA) – 10/21/15, Ended his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination at a press conference 10/20/15, telling reporters he will consider an independent bid. (Source)

John Kasich – R (Governor, OH) – 7/21/15, Timeline of life’s events; All about John Kasich

Lincoln Chafee – D (Former Governor, RI) – 10/24/15, Governor Lincoln Chafee announced 10/23/15 he is withdrawing from the 2016 Democratic Presidential race… (Source)

Lindsey Graham – R (US Senator, SC) – 6/1/15, candidacy announcementWhy Lindsey Graham Matters in the 2016 Race; Painful family memories behind Graham’s 2016 stage; “If I’m president of the United States, we’re going to address climate change, CO2 emissions in a business-friendly way…I do believe that climate change is real.” Supports comprehensive immigration reform and U.S. ground combat troops in the Middle East to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. (Source); 6/14/15, “When Secretary Clinton said that this country was well-positioned to deal with the threats from ISIL, Iran, Russia and China, she is absolutely delusional,” he said. “If Hillary Clinton thinks we’re well-positioned as a nation, she’s disqualified herself to be commander-in-chief.” (Source); 1/2/16, Graham announced 12/21/15 that he was ending his presidential campaign. (Source)

Marco Rubio – R (US Senator, FL)

Martin O’Malley – D (Former Governor, MD)

Mike Huckabee – R (Former Governor, AR) – 9/10/15, Supports Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples (Source);

Rand Paul – R (US Senator, KY) – 9/10/15, Supports Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples (Source);

Rick Perry – R (Former Governor, TX) – 9/12/15, Perry announced on 9/11/15 he was suspending his campaign (Source);

Rick Santorum – R (Former US Senator, PA)

Scott Walker – R (Governor, WI) – 7/14/15, His announcement speech…does not support deal with Iran, repeal Affordable Care Act in its entirety, took on the unions and won, supports Keystone pipeline and opposes Common Core; 9/10/15, Supports Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples (Source); 9/22/15, Walker announced on 9/21/15 he was suspending his campaign (Source);

Ted Cruz – R (US Senator, TX) – 9/10/15, Supports Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples (Source);