Wind turbine meeting Sept. 25

(The following appeared as a Letter to the Editor in Rochester’s “The Sentinel” on Tuesday, Sep. 19, 2017.)

Zoning. Area Plan Commission. County Commissioners. Fulton County Residents.

The above will determine whether a wind company will pursue an industrial wind turbine development in the county.

The next meeting of the Area Plan Commission is Monday, Sep. 25, at 7 p.m. at the county building. The commission is expected to vote on amendments to the Wind Energy Standards at that meeting. The standards and amendments, as well as other resources, are available online atĀ

Members of the Commission are: Debbie Barts, Duane Border, Bob Cannedy, Kathy Hobbs, Mark Kepler, Karen Miller, Rachael Moore, Rick Ranstead, Eric Straeter, Paul Studebaker, Don Towne, Crystal Weida and Jim Widman.

Several of the more prominent issues with the turbines are setbacks, health effects, noise, television/cell/ radio reception, property devaluation, night lighting, and shadow flicker.

Should Fulton County allow industrial wind turbines threaded throughout the rural countryside?

Russell Phillips

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