Noise from Industrial Wind Turbines

Tipton County Indiana (east of Kokomo, IN).

Noise is the most common problem with industrial wind turbines. The noise from industrial wind turbines is far different than other types of noise–it is low frequency and constant, like a hog exhaust fan which is then punctuated by rumbles and thumping as the blades swoosh past the tower. Wind turbine noise is often likened to “a jet engine which never lands”.

Wind turbines cause issues and dangers at far lower decibel readings than other common noise generators such as cars and farm machinery. In addition, those items “come” and “go”, yet
neighbors are subjected to wind turbine noise 24/7/365.

Excessive noise results in sleep disturbance, which is noted by ALL medical research as a serious health risk. Noise, especially nighttime noise, is associated with an increase in stress hormones leading to hypertension, stroke, heart failure, and immune problems.

The currently proposed decibel level for Fulton County is 50. This is equivalent to standing
directly beside a running clothes dryer 24 hours a day. Do you want your dryer running beside your ear while you watch tv? Do you want your dryer running beside the headboard of your bed? How about while you read to your child?

Because the sound generated by industrial wind turbine is low frequency, it can actually be worse inside of your house, since the walls and windows act as conduits of the noise.

Fulton County needs to set their wind turbine decibel level so that IT PROTECTS HE
HEALTH, WELFARE, AND SAFETY OF ITS CITIZENS. The current nighttime average in
quiet, rural Fulton County is 25 decibels or less. A level of 50 is far too loud and will harm and
endanger the health of our residents.

The National Institute of Health and the World Health Organization, along with many other
medical researchers, recommend a noise level no higher than 30 decibels inside the home, and no higher than 40 decibels outside the home. 50 decibels is NOT safe!!

Submitted by resident of Fulton County

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