Making big wind a referendum

Tipton County Indiana (east of Kokomo, IN).

(The following was originally published, as a Letter to the Editor, in The Rochester Sentinel of Rochester, IN on Tuesday, January 30, 2018.)

Recently The Rochester Sentinel ran an article pertaining to wind farm legislation, both house bills 1225 and 1338 are of great importance and sorely needed in Miami, Fulton and Cass counties.

Since 2010 a wind power company has weaseled around Miami County ferreting out leases using propaganda comparable to the Nazis’ of WWII. Once a lease is secured they then use tactics like that of the KGB to maintain secrecy. Leases have been reviewed by attorneys and found to have “many” discrepancies. Land owners have been advised not to sign such leases. In Pennsylvania, RES wind energy was mired in a lawsuit when they didn’t compensate subcontractors, consequently landowners with leases had liens placed against their property. Had these house bills been in effect, unscrupulous companies like RES would have been prevented from invading our counties. They would have been told “no” to big wind from the beginning. Miami County has two commissioners compromised by big money from big wind. Josh Francis works directly for RES setting up leases. Larry West has a nephew who owns land that stands to gain monetarily from big wind. Also a county council/plan commission member has a family farm under lease since 2011. His name is Ethan Manning. The Republicans have picked Manning to replace retiring House of Representatives District 23 Bill Friend. Had these bills been in effect back in 2014 when Manning won election to the county council, the voters would have found out about a wolf in sheep clothing and his ties to big wind.

Also the two crooked commissioners wouldn’t be able to run Miami County like a tyranny to further their own personal agendas.

The so called “vocal minority” living and voting in the 23rd State House district have a chance to make this election a referendum on big wind by voting against politicians like Ethan Manning who support wind farms. If unopposed in the primary election then wait until the fall election to vote for a candidate from another party.

Last a message to RES wind energy: You people have caused enough trouble in Fulton, Miami, and Cass counties. You are not welcomed here so pack your bags and leave us alone. The majority of people don’t want a commercial wind farm nor your big bag of wind. You’re about as popular as a S.T.D. So hit the road, the sooner the better.

Another concerned citizen

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