Welcome and thanks for visiting! Local, state and national government. To inform, not persuade (with occasional exception). That’s what this website is about.  It’s purpose is to engage citizenry in becoming more informed about their government and the issues before it. The intent is to publish “new” (or “edit”) content periodically. Emphasis will be on Fulton County of Indiana as well as the State of Indiana and the national government. However, some state and local topics have relevance far beyond Fulton County and Indiana. Much of the content will include “links” to primary sources including newspaper articles. Newspapers often require a subscription, particularly if you are accessing it frequently. Also, several days after initial publication it may not be possible to access an article unless paid for. The point is, visit this site frequently and don’t tarry in accessing what you may be interested in. Later, it may not be available. In some respects it is intended that this site be a “one-stop shop” for local, state and national government info. Suggestions for content and formatting are invited and encouraged by contacting rbpjrfulton@gmail.com.  I am a retired educator having taught, been principal and also having served four 4-year terms on my community school board. Welcome aboard,

Russ Phillips