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…is the best when contacting your representatives and voting. A new page, “RESOURCES/LINKS” has been added above under “NATIONAL.” There you will find helpful information regarding your Senator & Representative as well as info about the Congressional Research Service (CRS) and the myriad of topics considered by our government that CRS has issued reports on. (CHANGE – Notice that “Comments” are no longer possible on the “Home” page. However, they can still be made on all other pages. This will help to aggregate comments on a given topic.)

Senate kills bill that would have reined in NSA and rampant surveillance

(, 11/19/14) – Last night, Republicans led by Senator Mitch McConnell fended off efforts to rein in the National Security Agency (NSA), resulting in the axing of the bipartisan-crafted USA Freedom Act. The bill missed the chance to be debated by just two “yes” votes. With it goes what privacy advocates had called the best opportunity yet to curb the country’s run-amok surveillance… (more) (How did your Senator vote?)

Legislators’ redistricting – There’s a better way

“…There is plenty of evidence that maps drawn by partisan legislators have helped create the “suicide caucus” that is so intent on scoring political points instead of legislating…The way to stop gerrymandering is to shift from partisan state legislators to an independent citizens commission the job of drawing congressional and state legislative maps. Both political parties are guilty of gerrymandering districts to ensure their candidates’ re-election. Creating an independent, citizen-led commission would be a realistic solution to this issue…” (more)