The following will continually be added to. The dates are when added to this page.

*(10/14/16) Public encouraged to attend meeting Oct. 16th, Rules for wind power likely to be discussed (more)
*10/11/17 A quick overview of wind energy and industrial wind turbines and
their downside (video)
*10/4/17 The Incompatibility of Wind and Crop ‘Farming’ (more)
*10/3/17 Wind rules pend; Public meeting is commissioners’ first priority (more)
*9/30/17 Gone with the Wind: Valuing the Visual Impacts of Wind turbines through
House Prices (more)

*9/27/17 The Rochester Sentinel published today, “Wind rules advance.” (article)
*9/26/17 Illinois School Superintendent Letter: Turbine noise creating health problems for students (more)
*9/24/17 Blinking red lights throughout night are annoying and unnecessary on industrial wind towers (OCAS video) (light pollution video)
*9/24/17 Health Effects Related to Wind Turbine Noise Exposure: A Systematic Review (more)
*9/22/17 Listen to Industrial Wind Turbine noise from Tipton, IN (listen)
*9/20/17 County OKs consultants – Financial, legal advisers in use by 3 counties for wind energy help (more)
*9/19/17 WROIFM – Report on 9/19 from County Commissioner President Bryan Lewis, regarding previous evening’s discussion, about industrial wind turbines for
Fulton County (listen)
*9/19/17 Wind turbine meeting Sept. 25 (more)
*9/17/17 Property Value Impact & Zoning Compliance Evaluation – Tipton County, IN, Recommendations on p. 39 (more)
*9/17/17 Wind Energy amendments, listed at this link, to be voted on at 9/25/17 meeting of Area Plan Commission; All revisions from last mtg. are in “red,” any proposed amendments from last mtg. receiving an affirmative vote are in “black.” (more)
*9/17/17 Wind Turbine Syndrome – “…Many people living within 2 km (1.25 miles) of these spinning giants get sick. So sick that they often abandon (as in, lock the door and leave) their homes…” (more)
*9/15/17 The negative effects of Wildcat turbines (Letter to the Editor)
*9/14/17 Shadow flicker disrupts life inside home. (1 min 52 sec. video)
*9/14/17 “Windfall” (2 min. 41 sec. video trailer), Documents an upstate NY community’s experience with 40 industrial wind turbines. (1 hr. 23 min. full length video)
*9/13/17 Tipton County Indiana Commissioner voted for “wind farms”, now lives
with regrets. (more)