Wildcat Wind Farm in Tipton County, Indiana. Picture provided.

You can not fully appreciate the size of wind towers, the noise their operation creates and the visual impact they have on the landscape until you visit a wind farm both during daytime and during the night. Fortunately, a one hour drive from Fulton County will allow you to make your own observation.

Wildcat Wind Farm is about a one hour drive from Fulton County and is located a short distance east of Kokomo on Ind. Hwy. 26. You just go south on Hwy. 31, continue on 31 around Kokomo and at Hwy. 26  get off 31 and go east on 26. After a few miles you will begin to see the Wildcat Wind Farm to the right (south) of Hwy. 26.

By driving on area county roads you can get closer to the towers, away from traffic noise on the highway and by stopping, turning the car off and standing on the road, more fully appreciate the noise from the turbine and the propeller-like blades as the wind blows. Would you like for your home to be surrounded by several of these wind turbines?